Leadership Academy Overview

In 370 B.C., Plato established the first university in the Western world — he called it the "Academy." He based it on the notion that each person had the potential for greatness born of self-knowledge. His Academy offered a diversity of specialized subjects in its curriculum, each being taught through a method Plato learned from his teacher Socrates. This groundbreaking approach, designed to cultivate independent thought, placed special emphasis on engaging and developing many different dimensions of the individual. Plato's Academy can be viewed as an early pioneering effort in "integral" education.

Inspired in part by the classical Greek approach to human development, Stagen's Leadership Academy designs and delivers elite programs for individuals who are prepared to make a serious, long-term commitment to their own personal and professional development. In collaboration with dozens of researchers, academics, and subject-matter experts, the Academy has aggregated hundreds of books, articles, theoretical frameworks, and best practices into a comprehensive blend of theory and application that represents the best thinking available for executive development.

The Integral Leadership Program (ILP)

The flagship Integral Leadership Program (ILP) is a 52 week learning intensive that seamlessly blends in-person workshops, self-directed modules (print, interactive, audio, and video), supplemental learning assets and leadership tools, peer support, phone-based teleclasses, and one-on-one executive coaching. Enrollment requires sponsorship by an Academy graduate followed by an application and interview process to ensure a candidate's cognitive, psychological, and emotional readiness.