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Is Your Ladder of Inference Leaning Against the Wrong Wall?

“What world is he living in? I don’t understand why he thinks that.”   When was the last time you said or heard that phrase? This week? Today even? This phrase—or some version of it—is heard often among your peers, your employees, and yes, your boss. How often have you come into a meeting with […]

Summary of “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise”

The book answers the question: How do we develop expertise?   The premise is: We develop excellence through deliberate practice. Context: This is Anders Ericsson and Robert Pools’ mainstream distillation of The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance, which was made famous through Gladwell’s reference of the “10,000 Hour Rule” in Outliers. I am […]

John Tobin: In Search of a Challenger

The revelation blew him away. But there it was, over and over again on the pages of his journal, in his own handwriting. He was showing up as a victim in his business. When he thought of corporate evolution, he most often considered the changes that needed to be made around him. Seldom did he […]

Top 10 Leadership Books to Read in 2018

Every year we gather a list of books that we feel provoke new ideas, challenge existing paradigms, and expand our thinking. Below you will find the list of what we are reading in 2018. Take a look and see what jumps out at you! 1. Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently by Beau Lotto Perception […]

Are you holding yourself and your team back? (Webinar Recording)

You will always have gaps in what you know.  How you react to those gaps impacts problem solving, communication, and trust for you and your team. If you’re not aware of your own developmental needs, you may be more confident than you should be, and you may not realize the negative impact this has on […]

Corey Blake from Round Table Companies: 10 Tips to Vulnerable Strength

While many are talking about vulnerability from a philosophical standpoint, practicing vulnerability is more challenging for most of us. Vulnerability requires courage, repetition, and the ability to manage one’s own discomfort as well as that of others who are impacted by our vulnerability. That being said, the result of living a vulnerable lifestyle is deep […]

10 Tips for Effective Meetings

Imagine two different meetings: A loosely run meeting that starts and ends late, continuously veers off topic, and lacks next step commitments A tightly run meeting that respects everyone’s time, covers the items (and only the items) on the agenda, and closes with actionable next steps that ensure accountability Which meeting would you rather attend? […]

Are You a Knower or a Learner?

Is it possible to stay fully open to other views when you are the “authority” on the subject? What about if you are the project manager, division manager or even the CEO? What if you actually ARE the proverbial “smartest person in the room”? What is your attitude to learning? Toward feedback? Toward setbacks and […]

A Manner of Speaking: Are You Using the Right Mode of Communication?

Some of us have a lot to say. We tend to be very “generous with our opinions” at times. We tend to be unaware of our natural tendency toward “advocacy” before “inquiry.” Put another way, we would “tell first….ask questions later.” It’s important to understand how valuable it is to ask questions first, several in […]