Next Level Leadership White Paper

Next-level leaders see marketplaces in ways that allow them to change the rules of the game, outmaneuver competitors, and dominate entire industries. The authors use compelling corporate case studies, including those of Dell, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, and Apple Computer, to provide an in-depth analysis of some of the last decade's most innovative business thinking. The paper documents how Apple Computer, one of the companies hardest hit in the 2000 computer technology industry meltdown, tripled its revenue, rocketed profits to a 28-year high, and expanded its market cap a staggering six-fold-all in only five short years. While providing a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the thinking and leadership responsible for these results, the authors show how CEO Steve Jobs, once ridiculed as a poor manager and weak competitor, quarterbacked one of the greatest corporate turnarounds in recent history.

Download Human PerformanceThe paper outlines evidence that next-level solutions are always a result of next-level leadership, and explores the reasons why some leaders possess the perspective and vision necessary to generate these solutions while others remain confined to a constricting vantage point. "Leadership versatility" is shown to be the key driver behind sustained high performance, not only in business, but also in athletics and in military Special Forces. The last section of the paper reveals the surprising result of a five-year research investigation into a crucial practice the authors term "gamefilming." Evidence strongly suggests that this little-known technique may be the single most reliable, effective, and efficient way for leaders to increase their versatility and their capacity to engineer the kind of breakthrough innovations and "next-level solutions" that can catapult their companies beyond their competitors.