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A Call for Long-Term Capitalism

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Impact Leadership

Investors, board members, CEOs, and business leaders have been conditioned to deliver short-term results. Often at the expense of their organization’s long-term health. They’ve been taught to believe: Winning in business means delivering results, right now.

Yet research indicates that making decisions in the context of a long-term focus actually generates better financial outcomes.

In fact, leaders such as Paul Polman of Unilever, Larry Fink of BlackRock, and Marc Benioff of Salesforce are popularizing this new paradigm and putting up the numbers to prove it.

So why aren’t more leaders joining this call to action?  More importantly, how do you develop this orientation in the first place?


“The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Fueled by a looming existential crisis, today’s most conscious business leaders are catalyzing a massive evolutionary shift in our culture at large, one that’s related to developing their own capacity to think and act for the long term — a skill I call “decading.” By committing to their own emotional and psychological development, these trailblazers are creating conditions for our whole society to move into a healthier and more sustainable future state. The work they’re doing is challenging, but it’s not random or haphazard: the internal developmental path is well documented. But to truly transform our culture, we need more business leaders to join them.”


In the article “A Call for Long-Term Capitalism”, Rand Stagen explores:

  • How our current short-termism came to dominate business culture and the economic case for a long-term orientation
  • The connection between conscious leadership and long-term thinking & decision making
  • How to develop the skills required to be a “Decader” and join the leading edge that is shifting the current short-term zeitgeist

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