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Author: Melis Gunay

Vulnerability Makes You a Stronger Leader

When I first found the Stagen Leadership Academy, I had been putting all of my energy into changing. In fact, I had always thought that changing my leadership style or personality was the best way to take our company to the next level. The truth was, my leadership style worked just fine. That is, it […]

Prioritizing Your Initiatives (Webinar Recording)

When it comes to achieving your organization’s goals, it falls on you as a leader to make a conscious decision to make deliberate sacrifices in certain areas to excel at others. Your ability to accurately assess your organization’s capacity becomes a key element in achieving your vision. In this webinar, Wes Blair and Jay Swindle […]

A Call for Long-Term Capitalism

Investors, board members, CEOs, and business leaders have been conditioned to deliver short-term results. Often at the expense of their organization’s long-term health. They’ve been taught to believe: Winning in business means delivering results, right now. Yet research indicates that making decisions in the context of a long-term focus actually generates better financial outcomes. In fact, […]

The Mechanism of Vertical Development

Leaders are “subject to” many assumptions, beliefs, motivations, and behaviors in the same way that a fish is subject to water. When a leader expands their consciousness, their previous “self” arises as an object in the consciousness of their new sense of self.     In some increasingly rare, mercifully-simple business situations, a knowledgeable manager […]

Michelle Kinder’s Compassionate Commitment to Sanity

My entire life I have had a front-row seat to a leadership style that is grounded in purpose and relationships. My parents, Herb and Judy Billings, were missionaries in Guatemala, and both were natural leaders who were more preoccupied with contribution than personal achievement. Their clarity of purpose, combined with a humility and curiosity, gave […]

Communication Intent vs. Impact

The meaning of communication is the response it gets—regardless of your good intentions.   Organizational life is rife with misunderstandings, missed opportunities, mistakes, and conflict. Many of these issues result from confusing intent and impact. Understanding the dynamic process that occurs from intent (which happens before the communication) through impact (which happens after the communication) […]

You’re Doing it Wrong…How Not to Give Feedback

When you withhold feedback, you are sabotaging the other person’s ability to succeed.   How’s that for some straightforward feedback?   So, how would you evaluate your feedback skills if you did an honest self-assessment? Do you give frequent feedback to your colleagues? Are you comfortable giving positive feedback?  What about negative (constructive) feedback? Do […]

Christopher Crow: Redefining Patient Care One Doctor At A Time

It was never the outsides of things that interested Christopher Crow, a man who has always had a way of seeing things as they were while daring to dream of how they could be. It’s not surprising that his office in Plano, Texas, is a nice but unremarkable structure, the sort of professional services building […]

Mike McGuire: A Great Forehand

When Barry Andrews started Dallas-based Andrews Distributing Company, a beer and beverage distributor, in 1976, the company was founded on the idea of business as a family with strong core values; one that viewed all customers, vendors, and employees as stakeholders in that family. In the ’90s, there was already strong vision, growth, and culture […]

Is Your Ladder of Inference Leaning Against the Wrong Wall?

“What world is he living in? I don’t understand why he thinks that.”   When was the last time you said or heard that phrase? This week? Today even? This phrase—or some version of it—is heard often among your peers, your employees, and yes, your boss. How often have you come into a meeting with […]