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Prioritizing Your Initiatives (Webinar Recording)

When it comes to achieving your organization’s goals, it falls on you as a leader to make a conscious decision to make deliberate sacrifices in certain areas to excel at others. Your ability to accurately assess your organization’s capacity becomes a key element in achieving your vision. In this webinar, Wes Blair and Jay Swindle […]

Mike McGuire: A Great Forehand

When Barry Andrews started Dallas-based Andrews Distributing Company, a beer and beverage distributor, in 1976, the company was founded on the idea of business as a family with strong core values; one that viewed all customers, vendors, and employees as stakeholders in that family. In the ’90s, there was already strong vision, growth, and culture […]

Karen Sammon: High Heels in the Boardroom Where It Happens

I was sitting in the back of the Athena room at the Stagen Leadership Academy in Dallas for the first quarterly workshop of my Integral Leadership Program (ILP) class. Ironically, my cohort was named “Curie”, celebrating the first woman to win the Nobel prize. Everything looked crisp and clean: shiny white tables, ergonomic black chairs, flower […]

10 Tips for Effective Meetings

Imagine two different meetings: A loosely run meeting that starts and ends late, continuously veers off topic, and lacks next step commitments A tightly run meeting that respects everyone’s time, covers the items (and only the items) on the agenda, and closes with actionable next steps that ensure accountability Which meeting would you rather attend? […]