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2018 Stagen Member Reunion Recap: The Fierce Urgency of NOW

Last week we wrapped our Annual Member Reunion at the historic Statler Hotel in the heart of Downtown Dallas. Over 300 Stagen members gathered to reflect, inspire, and challenge one another to lead with the fierce urgency of now. We had an incredible lineup of speakers who shared their stories and gave inspiring examples of […]

Countdown to Stagen’s 20th Anniversary Member Reunion!

We are excited to announce Stagen’s annual Member Reunion and our 20th anniversary celebration. December 5th – 6th, 2018 The Statler Hotel, Dallas, Texas   About Stagen’s Member Reunion Every December, our members have the opportunity to reconnect with classmates from their Integral Leadership Program (ILP) cohorts, expand their perspectives on leadership, and engage with […]

You’re Doing it Wrong…How Not to Give Feedback

When you withhold feedback, you are sabotaging the other person’s ability to succeed.   How’s that for some straightforward feedback?   So, how would you evaluate your feedback skills if you did an honest self-assessment? Do you give frequent feedback to your colleagues? Are you comfortable giving positive feedback?  What about negative (constructive) feedback? Do […]

Christopher Crow: Redefining Patient Care One Doctor At A Time

It was never the outsides of things that interested Christopher Crow, a man who has always had a way of seeing things as they were while daring to dream of how they could be. It’s not surprising that his office in Plano, Texas, is a nice but unremarkable structure, the sort of professional services building […]

Mike McGuire: A Great Forehand

When Barry Andrews started Dallas-based Andrews Distributing Company, a beer and beverage distributor, in 1976, the company was founded on the idea of business as a family with strong core values; one that viewed all customers, vendors, and employees as stakeholders in that family. In the ’90s, there was already strong vision, growth, and culture […]

Is Your Ladder of Inference Leaning Against the Wrong Wall?

“What world is he living in? I don’t understand why he thinks that.”   When was the last time you said or heard that phrase? This week? Today even? This phrase—or some version of it—is heard often among your peers, your employees, and yes, your boss. How often have you come into a meeting with […]

Summary of “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise”

The book answers the question: How do we develop expertise?   The premise is: We develop excellence through deliberate practice. Context: This is Anders Ericsson and Robert Pools’ mainstream distillation of The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance, which was made famous through Gladwell’s reference of the “10,000 Hour Rule” in Outliers. I am […]

John Tobin: In Search of a Challenger

The revelation blew him away. But there it was, over and over again on the pages of his journal, in his own handwriting. He was showing up as a victim in his business. When he thought of corporate evolution, he most often considered the changes that needed to be made around him. Seldom did he […]

Greg Massey: Bankers Who Care About Divorce Rates… What’s the Punchline?

“If we’re doing our job, the community will have lower divorce rates and higher credit scores,” says Greg Massey, CEO of First United Bank. To Massey, a bank is not just a place to safeguard deposits and make loans; banks can elevate the finances, zeitgeist, and emotional health of the communities they serve. It’s a […]

Elevating Humanity Through Business at Conscious Capitalism’s 2018 Annual Conference

CCAC 2018, Conscious Capitalism’s annual conference, wrapped up 2 weeks ago in Dallas, TX leaving the 800+ conscious leaders enlightened and inspired.  The conference included a variety of keynotes and breakout sessions over three days, where new and familiar leaders shared their stories and experiences in using business as a force for good. For the […]