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The Integral Leadership Program (ILP)

Want to grow your company, develop your people, and unlock your true potential?  It’s not going to happen at a weekend workshop.  It takes sustained effort & dedication.
The ILP is a 52-week, practice-based program designed to develop executives serious about achieving their next level — across leadership, execution, and impact.

The 52 Week Journey

Your journey starts here

Learning & Practice
Attention Management


Learn how to learn.
Get more done in less time. Clarify what's most important.



Make deliberate trade offs.
Execute with discipline.
Delegate effectively.

Understand People
Conscious Communication


Understand others.
Communicate with impact.
Influence and motivate.

High Performance Teamwork


Integrate and apply.
Demonstrate versatility.
Drive team performance.


Upon completion of the 52-week ILP, our members “commence” and begin their lifelong application of the integral toolkit and conscious leader practices.

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Course Features

We created the ILP for busy owners, executives, and leaders who need more flexibility than full-time classroom-based programs can offer. Our one-of-a-kind program is comprehensive, rigorous, and results-oriented — and it’s designed to overcome the limitations of conventional approaches to executive education.

Quarterly in-person sessions

For a full day each quarter, you’ll join your classmates at our Dallas campus to participate in full-day training sessions, experiential exercises, and facilitated discussions.

Online Portal
Platform for tools and media

To complement your personal instruction, our online learning portal gives you 24x7 access to ILP course materials, a dashboard to track your practice, and more.

1:1 Executive Coaching
Bi-weekly personal coaching calls

Every two weeks, your dedicated executive coach will hold accountability by supporting and challenging you to develop your strengths using ILP practices and tools.

Teleclasses & Forum Discussion
Bi-weekly group coaching by phone and continuing conversation

Regular phone-based classes with instructors and peers. Participate in vibrant email discussion groups with instructors and classmates to ask questions, share ideas, and trade stories of implementing ILP learning in real life.