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Tag: Conscious Capitalism

A Call for Long-Term Capitalism

Investors, board members, CEOs, and business leaders have been conditioned to deliver short-term results. Often at the expense of their organization’s long-term health. They’ve been taught to believe: Winning in business means delivering results, right now. Yet research indicates that making decisions in the context of a long-term focus actually generates better financial outcomes. In fact, […]

Elevating Humanity Through Business at Conscious Capitalism’s 2018 Annual Conference

CCAC 2018, Conscious Capitalism’s annual conference, wrapped up 2 weeks ago in Dallas, TX leaving the 800+ conscious leaders enlightened and inspired.  The conference included a variety of keynotes and breakout sessions over three days, where new and familiar leaders shared their stories and experiences in using business as a force for good. For the […]

Karen Sammon: High Heels in the Boardroom Where It Happens

I was sitting in the back of the Athena room at the Stagen Leadership Academy in Dallas for the first quarterly workshop of my Integral Leadership Program (ILP) class. Ironically, my cohort was named “Curie”, celebrating the first woman to win the Nobel prize. Everything looked crisp and clean: shiny white tables, ergonomic black chairs, flower […]

Meet Stagen at Conscious Capitalism 2018 in Dallas!

We’re looking forward to attending Conscious Capitalism’s 2018 Annual Conference, here in our hometown of Dallas. What is Conscious Capitalism? Free enterprise capitalism is the most powerful economic system for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived – when practiced consciously. Conscious Capitalism believes businesses can be good because it creates value, ethical because it […]