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We exist to help business be a force for good

Our Business

Founded in 1999, the Stagen Leadership Academy trains leaders committed to long-term personal development and using their organizational platforms for positive impact. Members enjoy year-round access to valuable learning resources including our faculty of executive coaches, psychologists, and experienced general management professionals, an online library of valuable curriculum and tools, and our world-class training facility in Dallas, Texas.

Our Philosophy

In 387 BC, Plato established the first university in the Western world, called the “Academy.” He based it on the notion that each person has the potential for greatness born of self-knowledge. Inspired by this classical Greek approach, our training programs are designed to expand a leader’s capacity for wisdom, compassion, and courage.

Playing The Long Game

Our members come from every corner of North America, representing hundreds of companies, dozens of industries, and thousands of employees. Within this diversity lies one unifying principle: a commitment to playing the long game. In a world consumed with exit strategies and short-term thinking, our members differentiate themselves by embracing the power of what’s possible through time.
At Stagen, we’re committed to the rare breed of leader who envisions the work to be done over 10, 20, or even thirty years — thinking in decades, not years. We serve Conscious Capitalists who recognize the power of indefinite time horizons, and who feel called to use their organizational platforms for long-term positive impact.


Rand Stagen

Rick Voirin

Jay Swindle

Rupe Patel


Lisa Anderson

Jess Arroyo

Andrea Bednar

Wes Blair

Joseline Boamah

Seth Braun

Barrett Brown

Scott Brown

Lori Darley

Vid Deva

Marie Earl

Karissa Edwards

Clarissa Espinoza

Dave Graffy

Adam Klein

Brigitte Iafrate

Paul Landraitis

Tony Mainardi

LeeAnn Mallory

Lisa Martin

Robin Parker Meredith

Alyssa Montague

Maryellen Myers

Bert Parlee

Cindy Pladziewicz

Thea Polancic

John Rex

Raff Viton

Daffnee White

Our Guiding Principles

A few basic principles guide everything we do, from how we work together as a faculty to how we teach, mentor, and learn from our members. We ask every Stagen student to commit to the same principles — of dedication, relationship building, courage, practice, and connection —  keeping us aligned and fully accountable to each other.

Dedicate Yourself

Demonstrate passion and commitment. Take ownership, be consistent,
and deliver results. Create value.

Cultivate Relationships

Engage stakeholders and build enduring partnerships. Compassionately support
and challenge each other in service of our collective success. Rise together.

Act with Courage

Faithfully pursue long-term impact over short-term gain. Accept responsibility, surrender attachments, and be willing to get messy. Lean in.

Walk the Talk

Recognize that the world needs demonstration more than it needs instruction. Get on the mat, practice, and maintain beginner’s mind. Deepen congruence.

Laugh Together

Celebrate each other and connect. Have fun, share stories,
and create memories. Spread the love.

Our Facility

The Stagen Leadership Academy is a purpose-built training facility located on the edge of downtown Dallas. Each of our dedicated training rooms overlooks the natural beauty of the Katy Trail, Dallas’ premier path for running and biking.
Throughout the Academy, the art, design, and materials have been carefully chosen to reflect our commitment to community, learning, and hospitality. Our hand-crafted community table symbolizes creating with purpose. Vintage railway maps represent essential tools for navigating great complexities. And our Impact Wall is the culmination of every ILP student’s journey: a place where members publicly declare what they stand for and how they intend to play big.
It’s an inspiring building, full of great spots for collaborating and communing — and it’s also available to Stagen members for their own retreats, meetings, and special events. We can’t wait to welcome you here.


Community Foyer