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  • Curtis Hite

    Curtis Hite, Stagen Member and CEO of Improving, articulates the light and shadows of economic systems in the world and how the systems, that encourage freedom and choice, act as a catalyst for human progress.

    Runtime 21:47 Watch
  • Rick Sapio

    Rick Sapio, Stagen’s very first Member and President of Mutual Capital Alliance, shares the lessons he has learned since August 18th, 2023 – a critical threshold moment in his life.

    Runtime 26:07 Watch
  • Kenny Robison

    Kenny Robison, Stagen Member and CEO of Crest Industries, describes how he is currently planning for his family-owned company to prosper for the next 1,000 years.

    Runtime 30:41 Watch
  • Rand Stagen

    Rand Stagen, CEO of Stagen Leadership Academy, asserts that what the world needs right now more than anything is leadership, and calls us to step in and step up to an emerging worldview called "Higher Ground."

    Runtime 17:09 Watch