• 2018 Member Reunion Recap

    An inspiring recap of the 2018 member reunion held in December in Dallas, TX.

    Runtime 03:09 Watch
  • Haley Rushing

    Stagen member since 2017 and Chief Purposologist of The Purpose Institute, describes the importance of finding the balance between saving the world and savoring it.

    Runtime 23:26 Watch
  • Rick Sapio

    Stagen member since 2001 and CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance, describes how his chaotic childhood and 'winning' formula was preventing him from reaching his full potential.

    Runtime 34:44 Watch
  • Elyse Stoltz-Dickerson

    Member since 2012 and CEO of Eosera, reveals how she struggled with proving her worth throughout her life and encourages us to unleash our greatness.

    Runtime 17:07 Watch
  • John Tobin

    Member since 2011 and President and Founder of Slalom Consulting, describes how he identified a niche in the consulting industry and created Slalom Consulting.

    Runtime 22:44 Watch
  • Jeff Sinelli

    Member since 2001 Founder and CEO of Which Wich, talks about the need for urgency in order to create real, transformational change.

    Runtime 24:13 Watch
  • Andy Eby

    Member since 2017 and President of Bickford Senior Living, describes his journey of becoming an NFL Offensive Lineman to taking over the family business and discovering his true calling - a caretaker for the elderly.

    Runtime 29:51 Watch