• First United Bank

    Stagen Member Company, First United Bank, demonstrates how they are leveraging various Stagen programs to not only empower and invest in their employees, but their communities all across Texas and Oklahoma as well.

    Runtime 22:36 Watch
  • Navigating Life’s Inflection Points

    Stagen Member, Jon McGraw, and Stagen’s Chief Development Officer, Lisa Martin, share their stories of when they denied, avoided and accepted the challenge of their life.

    Runtime 20:01 Watch
  • Alejandro Chaoul

    Alejandro Chaoul, Stagen Member and Director of The Jung Center's Mind Body Spirit Institute, guides us through a mindful exercise and meditation, reminding us to be present in our lives.

    Runtime 09:47 Watch
  • Rick Voirin

    Rick Voirin, Chairman of Stagen Leadership Academy, declares the moral case for development, and teaches us that when we find what we deeply care about, it will inspire others to find themselves.

    Runtime 24:48 Watch
  • Joe Eby

    Joe Eby, Stagen Member and Co-President of Bickford Senior Living, shares his journey of finding his life's purpose.

    Runtime 19:32 Watch
  • Slalom

    Joel Forman, General Manager of Slalom Build, and Raff Viton, Slalom Build's Global Lead, dive deep into how they are building better tomorrows for all through the true partnership between Stagen and Slalom.

    Runtime 20:06 Watch
  • Heidi Zuckerman

    Heidi Zuckerman, Stagen Member and CEO & Director of Orange County Museum of Art, illustrates how living life as art is living life with intention – and offers us the idea that art can keep us company.

    Runtime 17:46 Watch
  • Garney Construction

    Stagen Member, Jordan Wilcosky, and Stagen Coach, Andrea Bednar, describe how the true partnership between Stagen and Garney Construction has allowed Garney to scale their impact in the world.

    Runtime 11:09 Watch
  • 2023 Member Reunion Recap

    Runtime 03:08 Watch
  • Curtis Hite

    Curtis Hite, Stagen Member and CEO of Improving, articulates the light and shadows of economic systems in the world and how the systems, that encourage freedom and choice, act as a catalyst for human progress.

    Runtime 21:47 Watch