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Living The Question

This is a recording from our Stagen Community Forum. During this multi-part series, we invite our members to participate in live conversations to explore how we are being called forth as leaders during the COVID-19 crisis.


You know, there are a lot of consultants putting out a lot of decks right now. I'm sure you're reading a lot of stuff… some of it is pretty good, some of it is crap, most of it is unhelpful, right? Because they are all trying to look really smart. They're all trying to say, 'Here's what's really going to happen!' It's violating the basic point of all this, which is that we need to come from a place of learning; we need to come from a place that says, 'I don't know! But I'd love to find the answer!' And look into our teams, and our customers, and our partners and say, 'Help me learn my way through this.'

—Dev Patnaik


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